MI vs SRH Head to Head: Stats, Match Results, Record and Past Encounter in UAE

MI vs SRH Head to Head: Mumbai Indians and SunRisers Hyderabad will lock horns for the 15th time in the Indian Premier League 2020 on Sunday.

By Puneet Hooda, Updated : Oct 03, 2020 13:23 IST
MI vs SRH Head to Head: Stats, Match Results, Record and Past Encounter in UAE
MI vs SRH Head to Head Record

Mi vs SRH Head to Head: Mumbai Indians and SunRisers Hyderabad will face other for the 15th time in the 17th Match of the Indian Premier League 2020. Mumbai and Hyderabad have played 14 matches against each other. Out to 14 matches played, Mumbai Indians have won seven matches and rest seven matches are won by SunRisers Hyderabad. The MI vs SRH head to head is tied and not favouring any of the teams. Here are the records and stats of encounters between Mumbai and Hyderabad.

MI vs SRH Head to Head in IPL History

Total number of matches played- 14 Matches

Number of matches won by MI- 7 Matches

Number of matches won by SRH- 7 Matches

Matches with No/Result or Tied- 0 Matches 

MI vs SRH Stats and Record

Highest Total by MI against SRH- 219

Lowest Total by MI against SRH- 98

Highest Total by SRH against MI- 200

Lowest Total by SRH against MI- 97

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MI vs SRH Matches Result and Detailed Analysis

Year Venue Winner Margin
2013 Hyderabad SRH 7 wickets
2013 Mumbai MI 7 wickets
2014 Dubai SRH 15 runs
2014 Hyderabad MI 7 wickets
2015 Mumbai MI 20 runs
2015 Hyderabad MI 9 wickets
2016 Hyderabad SRH 7 wickets
2016 Visakhapatnam SRH 85 runs
2017 Mumbai MI 4 wickets
2017 Hyderabad SRH 7 wickets
2018 Hyderabad SRH 1 wicket
2018 Mumbai SRH 31 runs
2019 Hyderabad MI 40 runs
2019 Mumbai MI Super Over

First Encounter and First Victories

The First meeting between MI vs SRH was in season 2013. SunRisers Hyderabad won the first fixture between Mumbai and Hyderabad by seven wickets. Mumbai Indians got their first victory in the reverse fixture of 2013 season. Mumbai Indians beat SunRisers Hyderabad by Seven Wickets.

Last Meeting in UAE

On April 30, 2014, Mumbai Indians faced SunRisers Hyderabad at Dubai International Stadium in Dubai. SunRisers Hyderabad emerged victoriously and won the match by 15 Runs. 

Last Ten Matches winner and Last encounter

Matches won by MI- 5 Matches

Matches won by SRH- 5 Matches

Last Encounter- The last match between Mumbai Indians and SunRisers Hyderabad was on May 2, 2019. The match went into super over after the score was tied. Mumbai Indians won the super over.