KXIP vs CSK Head to Head: Chennai Super Kings ahead of Kings XI Punjab in H2H Record and Stats

KXIP vs CSK Head to Head: Chennai Super Kings and Kings XI Punjab will face each other for the 23rd time in the 13th season of Indian Premier League 2020.

By Puneet Hooda, Updated : Oct 03, 2020 21:14 IST
KXIP vs CSK Head to Head: Chennai Super Kings ahead of Kings XI Punjab in H2H Record and Stats
KXIP vs CSK Head to Head

KXIP vs CSK Head to Head: In the 18th match of the Indian Premier League Kings XI Punjab will face Chennai Super Kings at Dubai International Stadium. Punjab and Chennai have faced each other 22 times in IPL history. Out of 22 encounters, Kings XI Punjab have managed to win just nine games and rest of the 13 games are won by Chennai Super Kings. The KXIP vs CSK Head to Head is favouring Chennai. Since both the teams are struggling this season, they would be looking for the win in their 23rd encounter. Here is KXIP vs CSK Records and Stats.

KXIP vs CSK Head to Head in IPL History

Played KXIP Won CSK Won Tie No Result
22 9 13 0 0

KXIP vs CSK Stats and Record

Highest Total by KXIP against CSK- 231

Lowest Total by KXIP against CSK- 92

Highest Total by CSK against KXIP- 240

Lowest Total by CSK against KXIP- 120

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KXIP vs CSK H2H Matches Result Detailed Summary 

Date Winner Won by
19th April 2008 CSK 33 runs
10th May 2008 CSK 18 runs
31st May 2008 CSK 9 wickets
7th May 2009 CSK 11 runs
20th May 2009 CSK 24 runs
21st March 2010 KXIP Super Over
18th April 2010 CSK 6 wickets
13th April 2011 KXIP 6 wickets
28th April 2012 KXIP 7 runs
17th May 2012 KXIP 6 wickets
10th April 2013 CSK 10 wickets
2nd May 2013 CSK 15 runs
18th April 2014 KXIP 6 wickets
7th May 2014 KXIP 44 runs
30th May 2014 KXIP 24 runs
2nd October 2014 CSK 65 runs
25th April 2015 CSK 97 runs
16th May 2015 CSK 7 wickets
16th April 2018 KXIP 4 runs
21st May 2018 CSK 5 wickets
6th April 2019 CSK 22 runs
5th May 2019 KXIP 6 Wickets

First Encounter and First Victories

The First meeting between KXIP vs CSK was in season 2008. Chennai Super Kings won the first fixture by 33 runs. Kings XI Punjab got their first victory in 2010 season. After the game was tied, Kings XI Punjab beat Chennai Super Kings in a one-over eliminator.

Last Meeting in UAE

On April 18, 2014, Kings XI Punjab faced Chennai Super kings at Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi. KXIP beat CSK by Six Wickets.

Last Ten Matches winner and Last encounter

Matches won by KXIP- 5 Matches

Matches won by CSK- 5 Matches

Last Encounter- The last match between Kings XI Punjab and Chennai Super Kings was on May 5, 2019. Kings XI Punjab trounced over Chennai Super Kings by six wickets.