By Bhawna Rawat, Updated : Aug 06, 2020 18:35 IST
Kohli, Dhoni & Rohit Sharma earn more during IPL, with respect to their International Contract

IPL being one of the most celebrated tournaments of Cricket. It's one of the most important leagues for BCCI & players too, as the board as well as the players earn more through IPL & advertisements it gets, with comparison to their international contracts. 

IPL started off in 2008 & gained much popularity in India as well as around the world, it is so successful since then that every brand or company wants to join its sponsorship with IPL. 

The top-notch players like Virat Kohli, M.S Dhoni & Rohit Sharma are on the top list of earning & getting profit through IPL & various brands. Three of them earned around 120 Crore from past 12 years of the league, which is almost 200% more than their international contract. This being one of the prime reason for the overseas players to be a part of IPL.  

Kohli earned around 214% more in IPL & also through advertising for brands during IPL. Talking about top 10 most earning players during IPL, there are three overseas players in this list too. Raina (99Crore) being fourth on the list, Gambhir (94.6 Crore), South Africa’s AB de Villers (91.5 Crore), Yuvraj Singh (84.6 Crore), West Indies' Sunil Narine (82.7 Crore), Australia’s Watson (77.1 Crore), Robin Uthappa (75.2 Crore).    

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