By Puneet Hooda, Updated : Sep 02, 2020 16:43 IST
IPL 2020: BCCI medical committee member tests corona positive?

It looks like the chemistry between Corona virus and Indian Super League is getting better day by day. In recent time it has become a hot topic amidst cricket fraternity across the world.  

First 13 Chennai Super Kings members were found positive for corona and now it is believed that one of the members of the BCCI medical Committee is tested positive for corona virus.  However, BCCI has not said anything and has remained silence on this matter.  

Due to rampant Covid-19 cases in India BCCI decided to shift IPL for this season to United Arab Emirates (UAE). Strict protocols are followed by players to safeguarding against the pandemic.  However, despite strict protocol 13 Chennai Super Kings members which includes two players-Deepak Chahar and Ruturaj Gaikwad were found positive for Covid-19.  

In the latest tests all the Chennai Super Kings members are found negative for Corona virus, but it seems things are not ready to settle down for the BCCI.  

It is indicated that one of the members of BCCI medical Committee is found corona positive. Last week, BCCI medical committee took an online session where they listened and clear players and staff members regarding protocols in bio-secure bubble.  

The news broke out when players asked for online medical assistance and they were told this medical officer is not available at the moment. As per BCCI protocols, the member has already been shifted to a separate quarantine facility and is under self-isolation.  

This increasing news of corona positive cases has certainly raised doubts and fear among players.  

Recently Australian seamer Josh Hazelwood spoke about the uncertainty of participating in the tournament. The Aussies will take the final decision only after consulting Cricket Australia (CA). Earlier today, Sunrises Hyderabad former Captain, Kane Williamson expressed a slight apprehension he has about IPL amid Covid-19.    

One thing is sure if the number of corona positive cases keeps rising then the fans favorite IPL future will be under jeopardy. Til now BCCI has also not released the schedule for the season.  

With lot of things untangled It looks like BCCI adversity is piling up day by day.