By Bhawna Rawat, Updated : Aug 15, 2020 23:23 IST
England vs Pakistan 2nd Test, Day 3 Live Score Updates: STUMPS! Day three is a washout!

England Vs Pakistan 2nd test match Day 3 to be played in Rose Bowl Southampton, the match will start from 3:30 PM (IST), 11AM local. Get the live cricket score updates & bit of cricket trivia here.

Day 2 Score Updates: PAK 223/9 (86)

Let’s hope the rain stays away on Day three!

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Hope to see some action on Day 4!!

Pakistan will resume on 223/9 tomorrow!!

And day 3 washouts!!


Day 3 ends without any cricketing action! Rain ruins one more day!!

NO action on day 3!!

There's the inevitable. Play has been abandoned. It's stumps on day three, with no cricketing action

Rain dazzle is still on!!

Match is getting delayed to some another level!!

Raina Retires too!

After MS Dhoni! Suresh Raina announces his retirement too!!

Mahi has said it!!


Former Indian Skipper announces his retirement from International Criket!!

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There's hope!!

There seems to be a 'dry slot' happening right now though. No rain and the light has improved too, according to reports. 'Umpires have emerged. There is some standing around going on. Which is an improvement on no-one standing around. Still no idea why the covers aren't being removed,' 


With so much time lost due to inclement weather conditions, do you think Pakistan should declare, just to spice up things? Or do you believe, they should come out to bat once the weather dries out and the conditions are suitable for play?

Match delayed due to rain!!

It's highly frustrating when the only international match going on is being interrupted due to rain and you have to wait day after day to see some action!!!

No action yet!!


Normally, this would be the scheduled lunch break but given that we've had absolutely no action today and also considering the conditions at present, even the next hour or so looks bleak.


England vs Pakistan 2nd Test Day 2 Highlights

Happy Independence Day to Indians!!!

no progress yet :(

To make matters worse, there is a steady drizzle at the moment. Just when the light was getting a tad better. Safe to assume that the first session is probably done and dusted. 

Hope this stops soon!!

Rain Rain Go Away!!

This was on the cards to be honest, just that it took time to be revealed officially. There is some rain but it's very, very gentle!!

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Day starts with rain!!!

Match delayed due to rain

Trivia time!!


It's quite murky at the Rose Bowl and the covers remain firmly in place. Floodlights have already taken effect, which should tell you about the brightness. And yeah, our main obstacle, the rain, looks set to make an appearance!! 

What do you predict??

What say>>

Let's hope for a great match day!!

Let’s hope the rain stays away on Day three, but the weather forecast is predicting something else! Weather Prediction: thundery showers & a gentle breeze, with maximum temperature of 23℃ & minimum 17℃.