By Bhawna Rawat, Updated : Aug 25, 2020 11:35 IST
Dream11 IPL 2020: Ashwin to have a conversation with Ponting, once he reaches UAE!


  • Ashwin wants to have a conversation with Ponting. 

  • Ponting said he won’t permit Ashwin’s mankad in DC. 

  • Ponting is yet to reach UAE!  

In a recent YouTube video ‘Hello Dubaiahh’, Ashwin says that Rickey Ponting is yet to reach Dubai, once he arrives, he will have a chat with him. "Ponting hasn’t yet reached Dubai. After he comes, we will sit for a chat with him. He said he wants to have a conversation. We have already spoken over the phone. It was an interesting chat,” Aswin said.  

It’s nearly a month to start of the IPL 2020, the excitement & joy amongst fans & supporters all around the globe is already very high. The Indian Premier League always brings up new controversies alongside it, thus this time one has sprung up even before the start of tournament. 

Delhi Capitals coach Ricky Ponting had earlier said in an interview that he will not allow Ravichandran Ashwin to engage in the controversial ‘mankading’ dismissal during the upcoming IPL in UAE, as it’s not within the spirit of the game’. 

Ponting also added that “he will have a chat with Ashwin about (Mankad), he was not in our squad last season but he’s one of our players that we tried to afford to bring in this year”. 

To which Prithi, Ashwin’s wife had a hilarious take on Ponting’s comments. 

During 2019 IPL, Rajasthan Royals batsman Jos Buttler was run out on 69 while on Kings XI Punjab captain R. Ashwin, whipped off the bails on the non-striker’s end, after Buttler stepped out of the crease before the ball was bowled. Ashwin will play for Delhi Capitals this year. 

General Trivia: This form of dismissal is named after former Indian spinner Vinoo Mankand who ran out Australia’s Bill Brown in similar manner in 1947, it is permitted under cricket’s laws but viewed by some as going against the spirit of the game. 

Dream11 IPL 2020, will start from September 19 in the UAE, the first match will be played between Mumbai Indians & Chennai Super Kings. 

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